Not only men can be in trouble 2. 7. 2020

For a lot of men, we are still living in medieval times where woman was only a tool to impregnate some babies with. Woman enjoying sex? What heresy! – well not anymore, since we in 21st century understand that women have their needs too and we should attend to them as much as to those of the man. Now the problem is quite different since man is ultimately „OUT “when he can’t get his penis up. The woman might be still able to sexually function, but she will probably not even like it, since there is no happy ending for her. But we are thinking even about our female customers and we have prepared something very special for you, ladies!

You can let loose with this

Lovegra sounds like Viagra, right? Well actually, it’s not a completely different area, but it has a certain specific that make it a unique drug for women. They might be able to finally achieve orgasm with this little pill, since many women might not be able to get to this point thanks to a similar disease that is plaguing the men. There are different aspects to the disease, but it is still a pain, isn’t it?

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